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Click here for more information the site that sorts people into balanced groups!

This web site can sort lists of people into balanced groups based on your needs. For example, a teacher could use the site to organise their class into groups which are balanced on age, gender and ability. Or, a manager could organise employees into discussion groups with an even spread of department, nationality and job grade to ensure a diverse mix.

To use with your own data, you will need to upload a file describing the people you want to sort. To get a feel for how the site works before doing this, feel free to try out the sample data we have provided below.

Have a file to work with?

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To use your own data:

1. Create a list of people

Type your list into a spreadsheet such as Excel, with the details of one person per line and a column for each characteristic (e.g. name, age, department). Put clear column names in the first row to help you find your way around the information later. If you want to have a look for yourself, you can download a sample file.

2. Save it

Save your list onto your computer using either a comma-separated or a tab-delimited format, click on "browse" below to find it, then 'Send!' to upload the file to the site. If you want, you can give the file a name, otherwise the file name will be used to identify it.

3. Upload it to us!

Use the right-hand box above to upload the file to the site.

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